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Current Conversations

Survey: Law-Firm Content is Flowing, but are In-House Counsel Reading?

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Fifth annual survey of in-house counsel and law-firm marketers shows firms keep churning out more content, but often without documented strategic plans.

A survey released today by communications firm Greentarget and consulting firm Zeughauser Group shows that while law firms continue to pour resources into content creation, they may be failing to engage a critical audience: in-house counsel. The report (#contentsurvey on Twitter) also reveals that few law-firm marketers have documented content strategies. Continue Reading

During Mizzou Protests, Social Media Giveth and Taketh Away

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There was a bizarre twist this week in the developing story about racial unrest at the University of Missouri. On Monday, protestors attempted to prevent the news media from taking photos of protestors. On Tuesday, they reversed themselves, removed anti-media signs and handed out a PSA encouraging media cooperation.

It’s a heck of a case study for the social media age. Protestors who had been so successful in mobilizing, in part through social media, were forced into a major course correction after their actions against members of the mainstream media went viral … on social media. Continue Reading

Amazon Demonstrates New Age of Online Debate and Response

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There’s an old saying – one that has a few more colorful variants – that goes: “Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.”

It denoted print media’s ability – by virtue of its unique means to reach thousands if not millions of readers – to win public relations battles. But we now live in an era in which anyone with an Internet connection can distribute information, making the old saying look like more of a canard.

That became apparent last week when Amazon took to the free blogging and essay site Medium to publicly challenge a scathing August report in The New York Times about how it treats its employees. The story drew a lot of attention, setting a record for comments on the Times‘ website and analysis by media relations experts including (shameless plug) some of my colleagues at Greentarget. Continue Reading

Goldman Sachs Just Exposed Twitter for What it Really Is

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When Goldman Sachs announced earlier this month that they would cut out the middle men and release their earnings on Twitter, the Internet predictably lit up with chatter about how Goldman’s move could signal a revolution in the way companies announce their news.

But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen different uses of Twitter to be proclaimed revolutionary. And it’s not the first time the proclamation has been hyperbolic. In sidestepping traditional distribution services, Goldman revealed, ironically enough, that Twitter is just, well, a hipper newswire – a modern platform for brands. If there’s anything revolutionary about it, it’s that it masqueraded this long as something else. Continue Reading

My Own 10-Year Anniversary: A Decade of Reflection

Posted in Industry Trends

Greentarget recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, an exciting milestone for all team members, many of whom have been with the organization for much of that time. I am among the veterans at Greentarget, and wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on what has been both a gratifying work experience and transformational period for our industry. Continue Reading

Sales Professionals in Law Firms— Are We Finally Ready?

Posted in Industry Trends, Research

This article originally appeared in the July/August issue of Strategies Magazine, published by the Legal Marketing Association.

We started with a simple question: “Are traditional law firms resistant to hiring client-facing business development (i.e. “sales”) staff at a time when competition for and delivery of legal work continues to intensify?” And, “If so, why?” Based on our own experience and anecdotal feedback from many in the legal marketing community, our view is that firms remain resistant to using sales professionals for largely predictable but unconvincing reasons. We decided to test our hypothesis. Combining interviews of a small group of opinion leaders with an online survey conducted by the research arm of American Lawyer Media, we attempted to better understand the extent to which professional staff are being hired and deployed by law firms expressly to be out in the market and directly developing business. Continue Reading

Stewart’s legacy: Finding a way to stand out

Posted in Industry Trends

Jon Stewart will sign off from “The Daily Show” for the last time tomorrow. His 16-year rise to prominence — on what some still call a “fake news show” — provides some lessons worthy of more than a few “Moments of Zen” for the content-generating business.

The biggest lesson? Find a way to stand out – and do it in a trustworthy manner. Continue Reading