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Current Conversations

Oh, the Humanity. Why Real, Live Editors are Making a Comeback

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I’m not sure where they—or we, I suppose—went off to, but the consensus seems to be that, as Julia Greenberg wrote in Wired, “humans are making a comeback.”

The headline on that article, “LinkedIn Brings Back Human Editors to Tailor News to You,” appeared to echo around the web during a two-week span in June, with similar declarations appearing in stories at Fortune (“Real people will curate Apple’s News app for iOS“) and Re/code (“There’s a Shiny New Trend in Social Media: Actual Human Editors“).

The feeling reading through these articles is akin to watching a commercial proclaiming that some fast-food chain’s burgers now contain “100% real beef;” you think to yourself, “Wait, what was I eating before?” Continue Reading

Surveys Merely a Drop in the Bucket When it Comes to Research

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AALL (3)When most people think about research, they automatically think about surveys. But I was recently reminded of how that’s only one piece of a very important puzzle.

It happened while I participated in a panel discussion on The Use of Research in Competitive Intelligence, at the American Association of Law Libraries annual conference in Philadelphia. My co-panelists were Mark Gediman, Director of Information Services at Best, Best and Krieger, and Zena Applebaum Director of Competitive Intelligence at Bennett Jones. Continue Reading

Greentarget Expands Research Capabilities with Addition of Kevin Iredell

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It won’t surprise readers of this blog that we are big proponents of research. Given the fragmented media environment and the era of information overload in which we find ourselves, we believe research offers an effective pathway to a compelling point-of-view that strengthens the thought leadership platforms and credentials of professional services organizations. We know first-hand that robust and highly relevant research can effectively position firms as change agents within their industries. The ability to assess stakeholder thoughts, attitudes and perceptions in a real-time fashion can drive the generation of quality content and enhance media visibility and overall reputation within the marketplace. Continue Reading

Corporate Journalism: A catalyst for better story telling

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This article was originally published by Bloomberg BNA’s Big Law Business

I am continuously amused by all the hubbub around content marketing. Because while that phrase may be new, the truth is that marketing has always been about content. What’s changed, of course, is the delivery, as the digital era has turned everyone into a publisher. Continue Reading

Why Medium Won’t Revolutionize The Press Release

Posted in Industry Trends

The blogging platform Medium has been shaking up the digital publishing world in the last year or so. If you don’t know Medium, you should. It lets writers publish stories and other work on its beautifully designed website, and it helps readers find those stories by optimizing posts and by curating and promoting them to its fast-growing audience. Continue Reading

Where are you hiding Brian Williams?

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Brian Williams has every major news outlet — and Saturday Night Live comedian — discussing journalistic integrity because of false statements he made regarding his experiences reporting in Iraq in 2003.

But, in an era of TV news as entertainment, can we hold newscasters and journalists to the same standard? Do both titles mean the same? Continue Reading

What PR folks should learn from David Carr

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This blog post originally appeared Friday, Feb. 13 on Adweek’s PRNewser.

David Carr died last night in The New York Times newsroom. If you didn’t know him, you should go find his stories and read them, as well as the outpouring of obituaries and eulogies flowing now. He was the newspaper’s columnist on the media itself, but to journalists he was very much more than that.  He was human beacon for what they are and someone who kept them in check when they weren’t being their best. Continue Reading

Is Nationwide Just Playing the Long Game?

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This blog post originally ran on O’Dwyer’s website on Feb. 6.

If you didn’t catch Nationwide’s commercial, “Boy,” during the Super Bowl warning parents about the at-home risks facing their children, then chances are you heard about it in the days following its release: be it the Washington Post ( “Congrats to the Nationwide commercial for being the Debbie Downer of the Super Bowl”), the Chicago Tribune (“Nationwide killed a boy in Super Bowl ad only because it loves kids”), or one of the countless others that wrote, tweeted, created memes or pontificated about it aloud, scotch glass in hand, as if he were Don DraperContinue Reading

Happy Holidays From Greentarget (aka “The GT Bunch”)

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We’re humbled to be celebrating our 10th anniversary at Greentarget. John and Aaron took a moment to reflect upon what this milestone means to them in a recent blog post.

We are also proud to share a video that our team put together to celebrate our anniversary and the holiday season. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it.

Wishing you health, joy and peace in 2015 and beyond,

The Greentarget Team

The GT Bunch from Greentarget on Vimeo.